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Existing Cash Flowing Properties are Selling Cheap... Real Cheap… In Fact, Prices are the Lowest We have seen in Over 21 years... Our FREE Brochure explains exactly how you can get involved and take advantage...

Oil and Gas Royalties for Sale

Why is it a Good Time to Learn How to Buy Royalties?

It was once said, "price dictates return" and if that statement is true, prices are the lowest we have seen in over 21 years, now is the time to buy because the demand for Oil and Natural Gas continues to increase.

"When others are Fearful, get Greedy, When others are Greedy, be Fearful" - Warren Buffet a.k.a "The Oracle of Omaha", CEO/Chairman of Bershire Hathaway, Inc.

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One reason Royalties are so lucrative is because less than 1% of the Worlds Population understands how they work.  We show you exaclty how royalties work and how you can personally benefit from them.  

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The Quiet Truth about Oil & Gas Royalties and Mineral Rights... You will Own REAL Property... Not to be Confused with Risky Drilling Programs!

Oil & Gas Royalties and Mineral Rights provide many owners and Companies an ongoing income stream for many years after their initial investment.  In fact, some of the wealthiest Oil & Gas Companies actually never drill or operate a field due to the high level of risk. Instead, these companies buy the rights to the minerals underneath the ground (sub-surface) that the operators drill, develop, produce, market and pay royalty owners an ongoing royalty based from the production.

Unlike Majority of Other Investments, with Oil & Gas Royalties/Minerals, You Benefit from:

  • Perpetual Ownership - ownership  in the property forever.
  • No Liability - no operating liability of any kind applicable to minerals or royalties.
  • Additional Upside Potential - advantages for deeper formations/drilling for additional wells, which provide more income.
  • No Expenses - no lease expenses to the mineral and royalty owner.
  • No Capital Calls - no additional capital investment ever required. (Only applies to Working Interest Owners)
  • Monthly Cash Flow - ongoing monthly income for your investment between 5-25%.
  • Investor Independence - full independent ownership in your property, so you have control of if and when you need to sell or leverage.
  • No Correlation to Real Estate - Minerals and Royalties follow different cycles than real estate and makes a great diversified portfolio alternative. Royalties have significant advantages because they are considered Real Property unlike all other Oil and Gas Assets.
  • Property Discounts - With Oil & Gas Prices at all time lows, its never been a better time to learn how to invest in Oil & Gas Royalties and Minerals.

In Other words... You Get All the Benefits Above and;

1. Great Tax Benefits Oil and Gas Royalties offer annual tax deductions, even with a $0 basis.

2. Passive Ownership A Professional management team already has all systems in place to operate the investment for you and provide updated statements either monthly or quarterly at your convenience.

3. Diversified Portfolio – Multiple well packages significantly reduce risk.

4. Flexible Liquidity – You have full and undivided ownership of the royalty interest. You have the right to or exit any way you choose.

5. Hedge for Your Portfolio Oil and gas royalty ownership provides a hedge against the impact of rising energy prices. In order to benefit from the ever increasing energy prices you have to own it.

6. 1031 Exchangeable Oil and Gas Mineral Rights/Royalties qualify as a 1031 exchange replacement property.

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